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DWB: Dumb White B—hes 2

This week, a girl showed me a project she made for her geometry class. Beside the fact that the assignment was literally a scavenger hunt for shapes in the real world (derp), she managed to make it extra stupid with comically misspelled words (one page contained a field for the teacher’s “signiture”) and randomly pasted glitter numbers. However, one feat of idiocy in particular shocked me.

This DWB had labeled a picture of a stop sign: hexagon. If this doesn’t immediately cause you to groan in disappointment, I must in my limited (aka nonexistent) authority urge you to repeat grades 2 through 6, possibly 7 and 8 for good measure. Ladies and gentlemen, a common United States standard issue stop sign has eight sides. A hexagon has six sides. These numbers are neither equal nor interchangeable, and the same goes for the geometric shapes they correspond to.

This is why I hate people

When I corrected her, she didn’t believe me until I showed her an actual stop sign outside at which point she counted the sides by hand. What a DWB.


For reference purposes only (and strange geometry fetish porn)

What’s even worse is that of the 10 people I surveyed, only of them could tell me on their first guess what shape a stop sign is. Get me out of here…

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